High School Admissions Support

High School Admissions Support

Help students navigate the high school application process: Lead workshops on resume writing, workplace professionalism, interview skills, and public speaking.


Key areas of support needed are around essay writing and mock interviews. Volunteers will receive packets that contain information that will be useful while working with students.


Essay Support

  • Help students formulate their essays for their schools of choice. Students are expected to articulate and provide concrete examples for why they want to attend their particular school of choice and why they’d make a good fit. Essay prompts and rubrics will be provided.


Mock Interviews

  • Interviewing can be a daunting experience, so volunteers can help students feel more comfortable with the process. Volunteers will role-play with students so they can begin getting acquainted with what it feels like to be interviewed. Following the role-play, volunteers are requested to provide students with feedback on what they did well, and provide them with tips on how they can improve and be prepared for his or her actual interview. Mock interview questions and a sample rubric that you can go through with the student to provide constructive feedback after you’ve done the role play will be provided.


Time Commitment: 1-2 hours

Location: School Site (Classroom) or Off Site