Life Service Action


Life Service Action

“If we don’t like something in our school, we should begin the change we want to see.” — Amie – 8th grade


img-life-service-action-1Studies consistently show that students who participate in a service learning program have improved academic performance and positive behavior in school. To enhance student achievement, help students develop as leaders, and inspire participants to engage in their communities, ASAS launched Life Service Action. Through their participation in student-led, curriculum-driven service learning projects, ASAS students are exposed to new concepts in learning and develop a stronger sense of social responsibility and civic awareness.


The structure and type of after school clubs vary across all the schools, but some notable ones are Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, and Environmental Clubs. These programs engage students in service in their school and community by running school wide food and clothes drives that benefit local non profit organizations, such as the Salvation Army. These clubs are student led, meaning the students take charge in planning service actions about causes they care about- such as donating old clothes to make dog toys for PAWS.


Collectively, ASAS students participated in over 1 Million hours of service throughout the school year. Projects include: disaster preparedness, building school gardens, neighborhood beautification, creating videos to promote healthy eating, raising money for local and national charities, collecting water for earthquake victims in Haiti, serving meals for the homeless, and tutoring other students.


85% of participants say they’ll continue doing community service after graduating from ASAS.


Percentage of participants who reported that their service-learning experience strengthened:


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