Sports As A Hook


Sports As A Hook


Participating in sports decreases the likelihood that youth will engage in risky & violent behavior. In fact, youth who have a relationship with a mentor, like a coach, are 46% less likely to start using drugs and 27% less likely to start drinking alcohol. Riley, R., Peterson, T., Kanter, A. Moreno, G., & Goode, W. (2000). Afterschool programs: Keeping kids safe and smart. U.S. Department of Education.


ASAS recognizes that our students are able to achieve their personal best in school when they are equipped with the tools to lead healthy, active lifestyles. With the help of FOX Sports Networks, ASAS launched Sports as a Hook— a unique sports-based youth development program which connects sports activities to lessons on leadership, teamwork, resilience, discipline, nutrition, community service, gender equality and exposure to nature. ASAS also introduces students to professional athletes, caring coaches, and successful role models in the sports industry who teach students about goal-setting, public speaking, interview skills, career exploration, and financial management.


Since fitness is only one part of the healthy living equation, nutrition is also incorporated into Sports As a Hook. We cover topics such as caloric intake, distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy foods, and how to buy and cook healthy foods. We also expose students to nature and the outdoors; taking our kids to hike and camp in areas where they may not otherwise have the opportunity to visit, like national parks and beaches.


Research indicates that involvement in sports can empower girls to take on leadership roles in the public sphere. Therefore, another component of the program is a focus on engaging more young women in athletics.


Through Sports as a Hook, students also design creative ways to incorporate community service into their physical activities. Students connect sports to service learning by leading their own athletic fundraising events and refurbishing local fields and parks. ASAS works closely with the renowned Positive Coaching Alliance to train our coaches on “double goal coaching” –understanding best practices for teaching sports while reinforcing a student’s self-confidence and positive character traits. If you want to learn more about the initiative please take a look at “Got Game Isn’t Important, Playing Sports Is” by Aaron Dworkin


“Some kids at my school don’t have P.E. every day because it has been cut. Cutting P.E. is not good because they are not providing us with the tools or skills in order to stay fit.” – Naomi B., 8th Grade


Camp Hoop Heroes

Camp Hoop Heroes is a free week-long, intensive youth leadership and mentoring program which responds to the need for more mentors willing to work with local youth. Camp Hoop Heroes leverages the game of basketball to provide participants with caring mentors and exposure to different educational and careers paths. During the camp, volunteers mentor participants one-on-one and educate them about high school, college and career opportunities.